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“4400” reboot from CW is about to come!

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

The CW had for a while in program to re-create one of its sci-fi series, “4400”. The official synopsis informs that, suddenly, 4.400 young adults reappear on Earth after they had vanished: they are all confused about what happened to them, and do not have any idea of where they went or why; but they came back 'altered' (meaning, with special abilities) and without having aged a day.

The original series, from 2004, was never really appreciated by the audience, but CW has decided to add this series to its roster of reboots (that counts “Charmed” and “Roswell, New Mexico” among the others).

Will it be different this time around? To find out, “4400” will premiere on Monday, October 25.


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