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6 Sensational Errors That Made It to the Final Cut

You might have never noticed but a lot of cult films have mistakes in them (like in the picture above, Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman eating a croissant and one second later it's turned into a pancake).

Here's the list of 6 famous scenes from 6 famous movies that weren't noticed or made it to the final cut anyway.

  • The Last Samurai:

Starting with 'The Last Samurai', if you stop the film at the 109th minute, you'll see one of the most amusing and surreal mistakes in cinema history. In this scene, Captain Algren, played by Cruise, dismounts from his horse, and as he does so, you can see the animal kick one of the extras playing a soldier in the groin. Thanks to the rigid armor they wore, the extra managed to remain in a firm military position.

  • Oppenheimer:

Mistakes are made even today; in fact, this list includes the very recent 'Oppenheimer', which features a historical error. The American flags used in a scene set in 1945 have 50 stars instead of 48, even though the correct ones were used in the rest of the film. The problem is that the 50-star flag was only first flown in 1960, as Alaska and Hawaii were not part of the US before then.

  • Braveheart:

In third place, we have a film with at least two oversights, but there might be even more, who knows. We're talking about Mel Gibson's 'Braveheart'. At the beginning of the film, among the characters, there is a crew member wearing a baseball cap. In one of the largest and most spectacular battles, a white van can be seen briefly on the left side.

  • Forrest Gump:

We also have a historical error in 'Forrest Gump', when the protagonist, played by Tom Hanks, receives a letter from Apple Computer dated 1975. However, the font used ("Apple Garamond") was only introduced in 1984.

  • Raiders of the Lost Ark:

Even one of the most beloved films of all time, considered by many to be the perfect movie, contains an imperfection. We're talking about 'Raiders of the Lost Ark', when Indy comes face to face with his greatest fear: snakes. In that frame, you can see the glass separating the actor from the reptile (you can notice it by observing Ford's left shoulder, where a reflection appears).

  • The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King:

This film is also loved by fans, but some sharp-eyed viewers have noticed that during the film, the scar on Frodo's face changes shape and position.

Spotting some production oversights can be fun or frustrating and definitely break the immersion of the world each movie creates. But what do you think, and what are some of your favourite movie goofs?

Written by Olga Raimondo.


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