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A big group of women decides to invade the Red Carpet in Cannes!

Recently a big group in Cannes decided to invade the Red Carpet in Cannes in order to highlight violence towards women. The protest came before the premiere of the movie Holy Spider, a story based on the story of a man who killed at least 16 women in Iran.

This was not the first protest to highlight violence towards women at this year’s edition of Cannes. The other time was at the premiere of a film that was about the killing of sex workers. Right before the premiere of the movie Holy Spider about 12 women highlighted the red carpet carrying a big banner with the first names of 129 women killed in France since the last time the Film Festival was held in Cannes. The group that was dressed in black also decided to set off a couple of smoke grenades as they decided to pause on steps in front of Palais des Festivals. The group are rumoured to be a part of a feminist group called Les Colleuses.


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