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A man called Otto starring Tom Hanks will begin filming mid-February in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

SF Studios will begin to film A man called Otto with Tom Hanks in the leading role in a couple of weeks in Pittsburgh!

A man called Otto tells the story of Otto (played by Tom Hanks), a 60-year old widower who does not appreciate change and who lives a very quiet life in a smaller neighbourhood in the suburbs. Otto is battling with depression after losing his wife Sonja six months prior (not yet known who will play her) to cancer. This while also being replaced as chairman of the neighbourhood association by his former friend Rune (not yet known who will play him) and being pushed into retirement after 43 years at the same company. Otto's life turns very much upside down when new neighbours move in across the street.

A man called Otto will be an american remake of the swedish movie A man called Ove from 2015.


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