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A new teaser for the prequel to Predator has been released!

A new teaser trailer has been released for how Predator actually began. Director Dan Trachtenberg takes us back 300 years in time when a woman stands eye to eye with an extraterrestrial beast.

There have been numerous movies regarding Predator and it all started back in 1987 with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Central American jungle. After that there have been Predators in New York, Predators vs Aliens, remakes and now it is time to know how it all started. This summer the fifth movie in order if we take away the Alien vs Predator movies comes to life in Prey. The movie takes us to a region called Comancheria and focuses on Naru, a tough young woman raised by warriors and trained to protect their area from dangers. While hunting a new prey she comes face to face with an extraterrestrial beast.

Prey premieres in the US on Hulu 5th of August 2022 while those outside the US probably get to watch Prey on Disney+.

There is a link to a teaser trailer down below:


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