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A teaser to the new Lord of the Rings series released at Super Bowl!

The ever so popular Lord of the Rings, the new television series that will be released on Amazon is soon to get its first teaser. It will be giving a first glimpse of what the newly produced television series will be like.

At this year's Super Bowl a brand new teaser trailer for the new Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power was shown. A trailer that has been highly anticipated, not only because of the franchise and its popularity but also with many demands and pressure since this television series will be the most expensive in television history with the first season being on approximately 465m US dollars. Amazon will be hoping the audience turns up as the plans are for an entire Middle Earth franchise to be developed after this and of course future success.

The new teaser trailer for the Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power television series was released on the 13th of February at this year's Super Bowl. The actual Television series is expected to be released with its first episode 2nd of September 2022 on Amazon Prime.


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