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Adam Sandler Sets His New Personal Record on Rotten Tomatoes with Netflix Teen Comedy

In a surprising twist that's set the movie world abuzz, Adam Sandler, the comedy legend known for his hit-or-miss filmography, has finally hit a bullseye with his latest Netflix release, "You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah." After 34 years in the business and a slew of cinematic endeavors, Sandler has achieved something no one saw coming—a remarkable Rotten Tomatoes score.


The teen comedy, now available for streaming, boasts an impressive 96 percent "Fresh" rating on the renowned review aggregator site. This accomplishment surpasses the likes of his previous films, including 2022's "Hustle" (93 percent), 2017's "The Meyerowitz Stories" (92 percent), and the critically acclaimed 2019 gem, "Uncut Gems" (91 percent). While Sandler's new record is certainly impressive, the movie world is holding its breath to see if any late negative reviews might shake things up.

In "You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah," Sandler takes on a relatively minor role but serves as the film's producer. The real stars of the show are his own teenage daughters, Sunny and Sadie, with Sandler portraying their on-screen father. Critics have been surprisingly favorable, with The Hollywood Reporter praising the film's "sweet and amusing" nature. The plot revolves around lifelong friends Stacy (Sunny Sandler) and Lydia (Samantha Lorraine), who dream of epic bat mitzvahs. However, their perfect plans take a comedic turn when popular boy Andy Goldfarb (Dylan Hoffman) and Hebrew school drama get in the way.

Directed by Sammi Cohen and featuring a screenplay by Alison Peck, "You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah" is a production of Happy Madison and Alloy Entertainment. The star-studded cast includes Idina Menzel, Sarah Sherman, Luis Guzmán, and Jackie Sandler.

This latest success adds to Sandler's already impressive Netflix portfolio, a part of his massive $250 million deal with the streaming giant. With eight titles under his belt, ranging from the wild "The Ridiculous Six" to the heartfelt "Sandy Wexler," Sandler continues to dominate the streaming scene.

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