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After returning to Cannes after 30 years with Top Gun: Maverick we take a look at Tom Cruise’s best

In 1992 we saw Bille August win Palme d’Or for The Best Intentions, Pernilla August Best Actress in said movie and Tim Robbins Best Actor for The Player in Cannes. Tom Cruise had just turned 30 in 1992 when he visited Cannes with the movie Far and Away. We could not have imagined how Cannes has developed since 1992, the development into one of the most glamorous events of the year when it comes to films, fashion and celebrities but also not how the career of Tom Cruise has skyrocketed since then. 2022 marks the return of Tom Cruise with what it seems like a sequel nobody wants to miss with Top Gun: Maverick together with an honorary Palme d’Or for his work within cinema and tv.

When Cruise was young he started an education to become a priest. If he would have continued we might not have one of our most famous movie stars as of today. In the end Cruise started with acting and the rest is movie history. What can we say are his most famous and best roles:

13) Risky Business in 1983 as Joel Goodson. This might have been Cruise's breakthrough on the big screen.

12) As Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in Top Gun from 1986 in what would be his rise to stardom and not look back.

11) The colour of Money in 1986 as Vincent Lauria when Cruise also proved himself next to Paul Newman.

10) Minority Report in 2002 as John Anderton. The first time Cruise’s path crossed with Steven Spielberg in a big sci-fi adventure.

9) The Mission Impossible franchise 1996-2024 as Ethan Hunt. A perfect part for Cruise together with the combination of physical action and high tech.

8) Born on the Fourth of July in 1989 as Ron Kovic. A movie where Cruise really proved his acting talents in this war drama from Oliver Stone. His role earned him his first Academy award nomination and a Golden Globe statue.

7) Eyes Wide Shut in 1999 as Bill Harford. An erotic drama where Stanley Kubrick was directing (his last movie) but where Cruise was also acting side by side with his then wife Nicole Kidman.

6) Collateral from 2004 as Vincent. We know Cruise usually plays the role of a good guy but seeing him take on a role as a bad guy was a very pleasant surprise playing an assassin in this thriller by Michael Mann.

5) Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles from 1994 as Lestat. Cruise was not first choice in this role but proved everybody otherwise with his performance.

4) A Few Good Men from 1992 as Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee. One of Cruise’s best roles is when playing a man of justice hunting for the truth in a military world filled with corruption and abuse of power.

3) Rain Man from 1988 as Charlie Babbitt. Playing alongside Dustin Hoffman as a cocky car dealer whose heart slowly melts while exploring a newly found relation with his brother.

2) Jerry Maguire from 1996 as Jerry Maguire. While playing a lot of action heroes Cruise is brilliant in his role as a narcissistic asshole. Cruise’s second Oscar nomination and his second Golden Globe.

1) Magnolia from 1999 as Frank T.J. Mackey. In Magnolia Cruise linked up with Paul Thomas Anderson. Alongside great actors Cruise manages to steal the show in his role as an aggressive loud machismo preacher.

Cruise’s career marches on with Top Gun: Maverick and Mission Impossible.


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