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Ali Abbasi’s big thank you speech in Cannes saying this is a great day for Iranian film!

Big applause and very strong feelings when Swedish-Iranian director Ali Abbasi’s “Holy Spider” premiered at this year’s festival in Cannes. One of the big favourites for this year’s Palme d’Or Abbasi delivered a big thank you speech saying this is a great day for Iranian film.

This is Abbasi’s first time in Cannes, he debuted here with his movie “Holy Spider”. Not a bad first time in Cannes, Abbasi is not only in contention for this year’s Palme d’Or but also one of the big favourites to win. “Holy Spider” is a drama thriller and revolves around a serial killer who spreads fear amongst prostitutes in the holy city that is Mashhad.

During Sunday's gala premiere in Cannes the Swedish-Iranian director was met with standing ovations. Following these ovations Abbasi gave a very strong and thoughtful speech. Abbasi mentioned in his speech:

- This means a lot to us. It means a lot for my incredible team together with all the actors. But this is also a big day for all of Iranian film.


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