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An inflexible agent and a sentimental assistent

Present at the Berlin 2020 festival. “MY SALINGER YEAR” tells about the literary world of New York in the '90s with humor and sweetness.

The director is Philippe Falardeau, nominated for an Oscar for “Monsieur Lazhar”. The protagonists of the film are: Sigourney Weaver (Oscar nominated) and Margaret Qualley (recently seen in Tarantino's latest film and star of MAID).

After leaving college to pursue her dream of becoming a writer. Joanna (Qualley) is hired as an assistant to Margaret (Weaver), the inflexible agent. Her task is to respond to the huge amount of letters addressed to the novelist, from all over the world. However, faced with the excited words of the fans, Joanna refuses to respond with the impersonal standard letter imposed by the agency. And so, hidden from Margaret's stern eyes, she begins to personalize responses with unpredictable, exciting, comical and touching consequences.


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