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Andrew Garfield sang and danced in the movie “Tick, Tick...Boom!”

In 2019, after multiple rounds of bidding, Netflix won the copyright to the musical adaptation of the film “Tick, Tick...Boom!”. Two years later, the first trailer was released. In the trailer, the male lead Andrew Garfield sang and danced, full of personal charm.

In the film, Andrew starred as Jon, an ambitious stage composer. He worked as a restaurant waiter in New York in the 1990s while working hard to write the script of "Superbia". He hopes that his creation will become the next outstanding American musical, and he will come to the fore ever since, but the pressure of life makes Jon, who is about to celebrate his 30th birthday filled with various anxiety, he can't help but start to doubt : Is your dream worth all these sacrifices?

According to the plan, the film will be launched on a small scale in theaters on November 12 and on Netflix on November 19.


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