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Announced who's going to Preside over Cannes Caméra D’Or Jury

(Credits: Hollywood Reporter)

The list of names is ready, the jury of the 77th edition of the Cannes Film Festival's Caméra d'Or has been selected, and who will preside over it. This year, the group will be led not by one, but by two prominent figures in the world of cinema: actress and director Emmanuelle Béart and director and singer-songwriter Balojii, winner of the Un Certain Regard New Voice Award for his debut feature film "Augure" last year. Both have expressed gratitude for the appointment, stating that they will honor their task with wonder and respect.

"As a self-taught director from the Congolese diaspora, it is an immense honor to witness the vitality of emerging directors, to discover their strong singularities and their inaugural works, which will have a lasting impact on the identity of their filmography," said Baloji upon the announcement of his appointment.

In the past the Caméra d'Or, one of the most prestigious awards of the festival that celebrates one of the first films presented in the Official Selection or in parallel sections, has been awarded to renowned international directors such as Jim Jarmusch and Steve McQueen, while last year it was awarded to "The Golden Butterfly Tree" by Pham Thien An.

This is not actually the first time in the history of the festival that a couple has presided over the jury! In fact, it has happened three times before: first in 1996, when actress Françoise Fabian was paired with director Daniel Schmid, then in 2002, when Marthe Keller was accompanied by Géraldine Chaplin, and finally in 2006, when the jury was shared by brothers Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne.

In addition to the two mentioned above, as every year, the rest of the jury is composed of French professionals, including representatives from the film industry, press, and directors' associations... Alongside Emmanuelle Béart and Baloji, we will have:

Gilles Porte, AFC - Director of Photography

Pascal Buron, FICAM - DGA HR & Support, TSF

Zoé Wittock, SRF - Writer, Director

Nathalie Chifflet, SFCC - Cinema and Culture Manager, Ebra Group, Treasurer of SFCC

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Written by Olga Raimondo


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