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Avatar is finally getting a sequel!

This year ComicCon has been quite an interesting rollercoaster of announcements, but one sticks out from the other: ten years after its iconic release, Disney has officially shared the title of the new Avatar sequel.

Avatar: the way of water is the title of the long-awaited film which will see the original protagonist Jake Sully living with his family on the planet of Pandora, suddenly attacked by a familiar threat.

The original Avatar, made in 2010, set the record as the most expensive movie ever produced with a budget of $425 million dollars, and now the sequel is getting its way to the top with a budget of $250 million dollars.

We’ll get to see the adventures of Sully and the blue creatures at first with the trailer, shown before the screening of the new Doctor Strange on May 6th, and then the final release on December 14th.

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