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“Bad Boys: Ride or Die”: the New Blockbuster of the Year

Updated: Jun 12

Image credits: The Kinema In The Woods

“Bad Boys: Ride or Die,” released on Friday, June 7,  has now become the best 2024 summer action movie, with $56 million in North America and $104.6 million globally. Furthermore, $19.3 million were achieved in Europe while setting franchise records in Latin America and the Middle East.

The cast was made up of many incredible talents, from Will Smith and Martin Lawrence to Vanessa Hudgens and Tiffany Haddish. Thanks to this movie, Will Smith had the opportunity to get back on track and see his career flourish again two years after the Oscars slap. As a result, Smith’s agents at CAA have been calling the studio production executives to focus on new possible projects, one of which is likely to be released soon.  

The youngest audience showed a strong sense of appreciation and enthusiasm for Adil and Bilall’s movie. As a result, statistics highlight that 44 percent of the audience was between 18 and 34.


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