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“Be My Voice”: The story of Masih Alinejad and of millions of Iranian women

The new documentary by the director Nahid Persson is the story of Masih Alinejad. A journalist and activist, who has become the voice of Iranian women in the battles of civilization. Masih Alinejad is the example for millions of Iranian women who rebel against forced hijab. Today, she leads one of the largest acts of civil disobedience in Iran and she uses her freedom in exile to voice the protest in her home country. Actually, she lives under protection in the United States but her soul is in Iran. For years, she has been fighting against any limitation of civil rights, for the respect of women.

In Be My Voice unpublished testimonies and videos are collected, which bring a very high pace to the narration.

The Iranian director Nahid Persson has fled to Sweden. In 2007, She was arrested and imprisoned on suspicion of shaming her country, while filming one of her most famous documentaries, about the story of some prostitutes in Iran, Prostitution Behind the Veil (2004).


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