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Benicio del Toro hits Netflix with new thriller Reptile: Justin Timberlake joins the cast

Benicio del Toro takes the spotlight in Netflix's highly anticipated film, "Reptile," where he delves into a gripping narrative that unravels the enigma surrounding a shocking crime involving Justin Timberlake's character.

The heart-pounding crime thriller shadows the steps of Detective Tom Nichols, portrayed by del Toro, as he tirelessly strives to unearth the truth behind the brutal slaying of a young real estate agent. As he meticulously pursues the tracks of a cunning murderer, the lines between reality and deception blur, compelling Nichols to deconstruct the intricate facades of his own life, according to statements from the streaming platform.

Alicia Silverstone seamlessly joins the ensemble cast, portraying Judy, Nichols' wife, who becomes an essential ally in cracking the case. The film also features the talents of Eric Bogosian, Ato Essandoh, Domenick Lombardozzi, and Michael Carmen Pitt. Silverstone and del Toro's onscreen reunion in "Reptile" marks a significant event, rekindling their chemistry since their appearance together in 1997's "Excess Baggage." In the prior film, Silverstone played the role of a privileged young woman who orchestrates a faux kidnapping only to be inadvertently abducted by del Toro's character, Vincent.

“Alicia brought everything we wanted for the character and more,” del Toro told Netflix, while Silverstone said, “There’s a deep mutual respect and appreciation, so that makes it work well.”

Prepare for the adrenaline-charged suspense of "Reptile" to premiere exclusively on Netflix on October 6th.

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