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Biopic ”The Apprentice” about Donald Trumps rise to power will premiere at Cannes Film festival

Photo: IMDb

A new biopic by the Swedish film director Ali Abbasi is scheduled to have its world premiere at the Cannes Film festival. The film centers around the early years of Donald Trumps career on the Manhattan business and realestate scene.

The biopic was first announced in 2018 and began shooting in the fall of 2023.

The movie is said to center primarily on the dynamic between Trump and Roy Cohn, a prominent New York City prosecutor known for his collaboration with Senator Joseph McCarthy during the “Second Red Scare”. Described as a "mentor-protégé tale," it delves into the origins of an American dynasty, exploring themes such as power, corruption, and deception.

The Romanian-American actor Sebastian Stan will play the role of a young Donald Trump and actor Jeremy Strong will have the role as Roy Cohn.

The film will compete for the prestigious “Palme d’Or” at Cannes film festival 2024, alongside 18 other films.


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