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‘Black Widow’ may have lost over 600 million dollars for piracy

According to an analysis made by ‘Deadline’ the simultaneous release of Marvel’s ‘Black Widow’ both on Disney+ and in theaters may have cost a loss of over 600 million dollars to the production company. In fact, the decision to release the movie in this way, had already raised some doubt in the light of the huge box office success of ‘Spider-Man No Way Home’.

In its article, ‘Deadline’ hypothesizes that this huge amount of money was lost during the very first month of august because of piracy, In fact, it appears that more than 20 million copies were stolen in that time frame only. If we think that every stolen ‘copy’ is worth 30 euros (the price of the VIP access required by Disney+ to watch it) how many of these 600 millions would have been spent on cinema tickets? I guess we will never know.

In the light of these recents events, both Disney and Warner Bros (that was also a victim of something similar in 2021) are starting to archive the idea of simultaneous releases, not only because the cinema market has started to grow again, but also because this way of releasing enhances the quality of the stolen films you can find online.

After all, we have all been missing going to the cinema during the last 2 years, so why shouldn't we go now that we can?


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