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Blake Lively will direct her first movie!

The sisterhood of the traveling pants star has for sure grown up! After her success as an actress in projects like A simple flavor and Gossip Girl, Blake Lively is ready to step up the game and direct a whole movie by herself.

It is not her directorial debut, however: she recently directed the music video for the Taylor Swift song "I bet you think about me(Taylor's version)", which was part of the remake of the 2012 album Red.

Now it is time for a bigger challenge. Lively will direct Seconds, an adaptation of the graphic novel by Bryan Lee O'Malley, who was also the writer of the Scott Pilgrim comics.

The story will indeed follow Katie Clay, who can change her past by writing it in a notebook, eating a magical mushroom, and then falling asleep.

The Scott Pilgrim vs the world director Edgar Wright will be by her side to share his secrets for a great graphic novel adaptation.

We don't know when the production is gonna begin yet but we can't wait to get to know the cast!


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