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Bob Marley- One Love by Reinaldo Marcus Green

Guendalina Porta

The film Bob Marley - One Love, is celebratory and at times calligraphic. He fails to fully grasp the genesis of Marley's art, music and "secrets". However, it can count on credible iconography and an effective use of the artist's songs, which are literally immortal and still current. And on a convincing mimetic and realistic interpretation of the protagonist Kingsley Ben-Adir.                                                                

A project authorized and supported by the Marley family (in addition to his wife Rita, her children Ziggy and Cedella also appear as producers), which, a few days after its theatrical debut, has already exceeded 100 million dollars in grosses worldwide, thus testifying to the There is still tangible interest in the figure of Bob Marley, over 40 years after his premature death, it is different from other biopics about bands or rock stars, because it chooses not to follow the protagonist throughout his career, but in a specific moment of his life, that is, the years from 1976 to 1978, a key moment in his life and career.

Bob Marley – One Love opens with the Smile Jamaica concert in 1976, emblematic of the protagonist's social and political activism (at that time Jamaica was close to new elections and on the brink of civil war) and a crossroads of his personal journey, since two days before the event the star was the victim of an attack that put his life and his wife Rita at risk. On the emotional wave of these facts, Bob Marley moved together with the members of his band to England, where he released the album Exodus, considered by many experts and enthusiasts the true masterpiece of an extraordinary discography.           From this very specific moment in the protagonist's life, Bob Marley – One Love expands to outline his private sphere, focusing on the absence of a father figure, on his adherence to Rastafarianism and on his political commitment from a pacifist perspective, to then address the acral melanoma that led to his death.




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