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Bob Marley: One Love. New trailer for the biopic of famous reggae star

The new movie about reggae star Bob Marley, starring Kingsley Ben-Adir, will be released soon. Meanwhile fans can have the first glimpses of it through the main trailer dropped this Thursday.

The movie features Bob Marley's story, from his early life in Jamaica to the rising of the superstar.

Another cast member is Lashana Lynch who plays Rita, Marley's wife and a major point of the story will be the 1976 assassination attempt on the singer.

The director is Reinaldo Marcus Green, who work along with Rita Marley, her daughter Cedella, and her son, Ziggy.

Speaking about the film, Ziggy said “I’m here as a producer of this film, but also as a steward of my father’s incredible legacy… this message of unity and love is as urgent as ever,” he said. “People will deepen their connection to Bob and honor Bob in the right way.”

The movie will be release in theaters on January 12, 2024.

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