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Brad Pitt will be a Formula 1 pilot for the director of ‘Maverick Top Gun’

The indisputable beauty of Hollywood, Brad Pitt will be playing an ex Formula 1 pilot who decides to go back on track to train a promising young talent. The film will be produced by Apple and its direction has been entrusted to Joseph Kosinski, the man behind masterpieces such as ‘Maverick Top Gun’, ‘Tron Legacy’ and ‘Oblivion’.

Even though the film does not have a title yet, we already know that it will be a classical hollywood story in which Pitt will play an ex-pilot determined to train a young promising talent and, apparently, Mr. Pitt made a special recruitment for the occasion. In fact, he brought Sir Lewis Hemilton on board as a counsellor. In the light of this, will Formula 1 be an official sponsor of the upcoming project?

Stay tuned to find out more!!

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