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Charlie Sheen Makes a 'Betting' Comeback on Max's 'Bookie'

Charlie Sheen is bouncing back onto our screens in Max's uproarious comedy series, 'Bookie,' marking his return to television after what feels like a longer hiatus than a presidential term.

Get ready to witness Sheen in a role that's a complete departure from his 'Tiger Blood' days. He's not chasing 'winning' here; instead, he's chasing down a struggling bookie, played by Sebastian Maniscalco, in a delightful bout of delinquent debt repayment. Rekindling a sitcom flame, Sheen reunites with Chuck Lorre, the mastermind behind the infamous 'Two and a Half Men' split. This time, Sheen's character tries to settle his bookie dues with bizarre barter items, even bringing up Babe Ruth's autopsy report. A collector's dream or sheer lunacy? You decide.


The 'Bookie' trailer is a rollercoaster ride set to The Notorious B.I.G.'s beats, showcasing Maniscalco's character trying to stay afloat amid threatening clients, questionable finances, and the impending legalization of sports betting in California. Brace yourselves for an entertaining chaos—gun disposal tutorials and all—when the show premieres on November 30, 2023, dropping two episodes weekly until December 21.

This hilarious series navigates Danny's (Maniscalco) tumultuous journey in the betting world, supported by a quirky cast that includes an ex-NFL player, a semi-reformed drug dealer, and more quirky characters. With Lorre's creative touch and Sheen's recurring appearances, 'Bookie' promises a wild, unpredictable ride you won't want to miss.


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