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Charlize Theron is now officially a part of the Marvel Universe!

Charlize Theron is now officially a part of the Marvel Universe (MCU) while debuting in the movie Doctor Strange 2: In the Multiverse of Madness. Theron’s character, Clea has been a secret for some time and not that known but now an official part of MCU going forward.

Charlize Theron’s career started in the mid-90’s and has been a big star for a long time. She has been nominated for three BAFTAS and two Academy awards while also winning an Oscar for her Leading Role in Monster. While starring in huge movies this might be the biggest franchise yet. Charlize Theron is now an official part of MCU and is playing the role as Clea, while she appears in a cameo in Doctor Strange 2 her role will be a lot bigger in the future. This is because we learn that her character in the Marvel Comics is a mighty magician, the apprentice of Doctor Strange but also his mistress who later becomes his wife. She is the one who will later take over as Sorcerer Supreme from Doctor Strange.

While learning more about her character Clea we know that her future projects are Fast X, The School for Good and Evil, The Old Guard 2 and Atomic Blonde 2.


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