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Chris Noth sacked from ‘The Equalizer’ after sexual assault accusations

While Chris Noth will not be able to go back to the new season of the ‘Sex and the City’ universe for reason that are quite obvious as soon as you watch the very first episode of ‘And Just Like That’, ‘The Equilizer’ is another series he will not be able to be part of anymore.

The 67 years old actor was sacked effect immediate after having been accused by 3 different women of sexual assault in the past days. Now, the actor is forced to leave the role of the eccentric CIA director in the middle of the second season. Universal Television and CBS announced in a press release that Chris Noth will not be shooting any more episodes of ‘The Equalizer’ with effect immediate. His last appearance on the show should be at the beginning of 2022, in the next episode of season 2.

As for the accusations, after the ‘And Just Like That’ debut, two women decided to speak up and told The Hollywood Reporter the stories of how they were raped by Mr. Noth in 2004 and 2015. A third woman then followed accusing the actor of having been sexually assaulted when she was a hostess in a Manhattan restaurant. The decision behind ‘The Equalizer’ follows the one take by Peloton, a society that decided to withdraw some adverts starrin Noth stating that every sexual assault accusation must be considered very seriously.

Noth strongly denied the accusations stating that these accusations are made by people he met years ago and are false. He also added that, it does not matter how much time passes but NO means always NO and he never crossed that line adding that any sexual entencour he ever had was fully consensual.


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