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Christopher Nolan is changing the art of filmmaking!

It's no secret the talent Christopher Nolan has been bringing to the big table of cinema for years. The fantastic special effects and the incredible story-telling have broken rules and records in his movie, but now he is stepping up.

It is well known the love Nolan has for the IMAX format and its ability to capture the power of his images the best. Well, now it'll be possible on film! The director is teaming up with many great directors of photography, like Black Panther, Tenet, and Arrival DOPs, as well as other directors, like Get Out director Jordan Peele, to support the release of the new IMAX film cameras.

The camera should be out around 2023, however, Nolan is already testing it out on the set of his new film Oppenheimer, based on the life events of J. Robert Oppenheimer, a scientist that worked on the Manhattan Project.

The movie, as well as another piece of the art by the director, will be the first step into the next generation of filmmaking.


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