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Country music couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill to Star in Paramount Plus `Yellowstone´ Prequel´1883´

The couple have toured together and even done joint albums, but one thing they have not done together is to act in the same production. They have been cast as leads alongside Sam Elliott in the new Paramount Plus series ”1883,” MTV Entertainment Studios´first official prequel to ”Yellowstone”. A drama series that aired on the Paramount Network since 2018.

Sam Elliot is known for another western show on Netflix called The Ranch where he stars along side Ashton Kutcher. He says that the Western genre speaks to him and the creator of ´1883´ Taylor Sheridan. Specifically the parts of the struggles of man against man, man against nature and man against himself wich is all there in ´1883´.

The prequel ”1883” was created by Taylor Sheridan and is expected to begin filming this year.


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