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Deadpool 3 has finished Filming

The long-awaited linkup of Deadpool and Wolverine has now finished filming! They team up to rival the Avengers of Ryan Reynold's betrayal and Hugh Jackman Wolverine has wrapped up filming.

Deadpool and Wolverine

(Marvel Studios/Deadpool Twitter)

The film's release date is currently on the 26th of July, with only CGI and VFX to be done along with reshoots.

The film is expected to follow the successful 2nd film and be the final installment in the trilogy.

The film has an R rating, which excites fans as it may include some gruesome scenes with the two.

Hugh Jackson had this to say about the finishing filming:

“What a ride!!! I’ve loved every minute of making this movie. Well not the training & diet but the other 93.2%. To the best cast & crew, thank you! You are all aces. To 2 of my best mates Ryan Reynolds and Shawn Levy, I literally couldn’t have done this without you. Literally! July 26th can’t come soon enough. Time to shave.”

With the action and comedy in the first two installments of Deadpool, fans can’t wait to get their hands on this film.

/Kieron Loughran

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