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Directly from Cannes, here is Ruben Ostlund’s new pitch for his new movie!

Ruben Ostlund is no stranger to Cannes, this year he is competing with his movie “Triangle of Sadness”. While in contention for Palme d’Or, Ostlund is not on the lazy side when revealing in an interview his pitch for the new movie he is working for called “The Entertainment system is Down”.

Ruben Ostlund has had quite a career when it comes to Cannes where Ostlund seems to be one of the festival's favourite directors. In 2008 when Ostlund’s career started taking off both nationally but also internationally he first competed in Cannes with his movie Involuntary. His third film had its world premiere in Cannes called Play in 2011, this was also the case with his fourth film called Tourist in 2014 where he won his first award in Cannes with the jury award in the section Un Certain Regard.

His fifth film called The Square won the Palme d’Or in 2017 and now he is back with Triangle of Sadness where he might win his second Palme d’Or.

While doing an interview at this year’s festival Ostlund is not afraid to talk about his new project “The Entertainment System is Down”. Not going in the same direction as The Square and Triangle of Sadness the pitch for Ostlund’s new movie is as he describes:

- Octagon of Confusion but not quite he jokes. “The Entertainment System is Down” and revolves around the chaos flight passengers tend to make when hearing the words: The Entertainment System is Down which is also the name of the movie.

Ruben Ostlund is in contention at this year’s Cannes Film Festival with his film Triangle of Sadness.

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