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Director Guillermo del Toro wants to stick with animation movies after "Pinocchio"

Guillermo del Toro, better known for his movies Pan’s Labyrinth, Nightmare Alley and The Shape of Water, has taken a different direction with last year’s movie, Pinocchio. The animated movie won the Oscar for the best animated feature film category this year, proving that del Toro has talent with the stop-motion techniques.

Recently, during the Annecy International Animation Film Festival and Market, del Toro has stated that he wants to work with animation movies in the future, saying that "There are a couple more live-action movies I want to do, but not many", as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

The director is very keen to animation style, he first started to shoot some raw animated scenes at the age of 8 with his father’s camera, and now he wants to dedicate himself to what he defines as “intravenous”: “I think stop-motion can be intravenous, it can go straight to your emotions in a way that no other medium can.”

Del Toro’s next works, though, are still leading towards live action: he’s going to adapt Frankenstein for Netflix, featuring stars Andrew Garfield, Oscar Isaac and Mia Goth; in the animated field, his next projects are the adaptation of The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro and Alma, based on a short by Rodrigo Blaas.

It seems that what del Toro calls “The purest form of art” will be highly present in his next projects, due to the high potential of visual effects and their ability to create fantasy worlds.

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