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Disney's Magical Century Retold

Once Upon a Studio, a delightful new original short film, pays homage to Disney's timeless legacy and celebrates its remarkable 100-year journey.

As autumn leaves gracefully descend, a unique enchantment fills the air. While the season stirs nostalgia and cozy sentiments, this year it carries an added layer of significance for devotees of the illustrious animation powerhouse: Disney. With their centenary celebrations nearing the grand finale, Disney is leaving no stone unturned in commemorating this momentous milestone. And what better way to honor it than with a tribute that captures the very essence of Disney's storytelling? "Once Upon a Studio," a cinematic gem poised to grace television screens this October, pledges to do precisely that. This short film, teased on Disney Animation's official Twitter page, will be a highlight of the much-anticipated program, "The Wonderful World of Disney: Disney’s 100th Anniversary Celebration!" airing on October 15.

Walt Disney Animation Studios
(Walt Disney Animation Studios)

Mickey Mouse, Minnie, and the ever-klutzy Goofy will take viewers on a whimsical backstage tour as they navigate the animation studio, immersing us in a world where the past seamlessly melds with the present. From the enduring charm of Peter Pan to the contemporary allure of Moana, it's evident that characters from various epochs of Disney's rich tapestry will grace this tribute, ensuring its universal appeal across generations. Yet, "Once Upon a Studio" aspires to offer more than just a spotlight on beloved characters. It intends to take viewers on a visual journey through Disney's evolution, spanning from the era of traditional hand-drawn animation to the cutting-edge realm of CGI. While the specifics of the short remain under wraps, the mounting excitement is palpable, especially with its debut on the horizon.

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