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Disney will invest more on Victorian superheroes with a reboot of “The League”!

The rumours are that 20th Century Studios are planning on rebooting the superhero movie “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” (with Sean Connery from 2003). This will be made for Hulu (the streaming service) that will be called “The League”.

20th Century Studios that are owned by Disney does not believe we have gotten enough superheroes. With that in mind the plans are yet again to make a movie of Alan Moore’s comic “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” as according to The Hollywood Reporter. “The League” from 2003 with Sean Connery and the comics revolves around characters from 19th century literature that come together to fight evil called The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen that consists of Captain Nemo, Doctor Jekyll and Dorian Gray among others.

Premiere for “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” has not yet been decided. Releases that come to Hulu are often released on Disney+ for those outside the US.


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