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Doctor Who will have its first Rwandan-Scottish actor in the leading role!

From next season British television series Doctor Who will have a new leading actor, Ncuti Gatwa (mostly known from the series Sex Education), the first Rwandan-Scottish actor to portrait the Doctor. The last three seasons have seened Jodie Whittaker play the popular Doctor Who but Gatwa will now take over.

For the first time in the series Doctor Who will be portrayed by its first Rwandan-Scottish actor (Ncuti Gatwa) from next season. Doctor Who is about an alien that travels through time and space and who can change form regularly. The show started back in 1963 and continued for 26 seasons up until 1989. After 1989 the show was cancelled. A short revival in the form of a movie in 1996 was made but it was not a success. It was first in 2005 that the very popular Doctor Who was relaunched and became a success and is now being produced by BBC Wales in Cardiff.

Ncuti Gatwa will be the 14th Doctor in order but is not being shown on any streaming service. Most likely this will start to air on Britbox.


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