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Documentary of an Olympic medal

Everything behind an Olympic medal is told in the documentary "Corpo a Corpo" which belongs to the autonomous section of the Rome Film Festival.

The director, Maria Iovine, dedicates her work to the Paralympic athlete Veronica Yoko Plebani (25 years old). She won bronze in the Triathlon at the Tokyo Paralympics. The protagonist was struck by a fulminant meningitis that marked her body. Despite the serious illness, she always faced life with great determination. She affirms that “in the film you see my weaknesses but that my strength also emerges” and she is happy about this. Furthermore, he added, “in sport the women are still valued more for their beauty than for their performance. And this certainly also derives from an important legislative vacuum. Cultural patterns still need to be broken”. Veronica has a degree in Sociology of Communication. She wrote the thesis on women's rights in sport. The narration of the film is also deepened in this topic, thanks to its specialization in the subject. Iovine followed her in each of her stages for two years, starting from 2019. The scene they remember most fondly is the meeting between the protagonist and her mother.


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