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Don't worry darling trailer is finally out!

Many pictures from the set were licked last year about some sort of a big project: the latest movie directed by Olivia Wilde! The film has for sure pumped hype all over the place because it paired many stars of the moment into a big attention trap.

The film is the second directorial project by Wilde, after the unexpected success of Booksmart in 2019 which created a non-negligible reputation for the director-actress. But the direction was not talked about as much as the cast: the film stars British pop icon Harry Styles and Britain's new sweetheart Florence Pugh.

Styles, after Love on Tour around the world, is making a return in front of the camera, five years after his work with Christopher Nolan in Dunkirk. Pugh instead hasn't stopped working for a while: the A24 poster girl began with psycho-horror cults Hereditary and Midosommar before getting an Academy Award nomination as Amy in Little Women in 2020. Now her career has been more prolific than ever: she took part in the Marvel Universe as Yelena Belova in Hawkeye and Black Widow and is gonna star in the new Nolan biopic Oppenheimer.

So Don't worry darling has been on the radar for many good reasons. Now the trailer has just been shared by Warner Bros, letting us have a taste of this new 50s thriller.


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