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Due to the Oscar scandal, Will Smith's new movie is moved to 2023!

Will Smith’s new movie Emancipation was supposed to be a contender for next year’s Academy Awards. Due to what happened this year at the Academy Awards it is now being delayed from 2022 to an unknown date in 2023.

Emancipation (directed by Antoine Fuqua) revolves around a slave named Peter (played by Will Smith) and after nearly being whipped to death escapes from a plantation in Louisiana. On his way up north Peter is being chased by cold blooded hunters. An action thriller with a rumour that Smith could have been a contender for next year's Academy Awards as well. But due to what happened this year involving him, his wife Jada and Chris Rock the movie is being moved from premiering in 2022 until an unknown date in 2023 instead. Netflix has also pulled out from two of Smith’s movie projects and Bad Boys 4 is also an uncertainty at the moment.


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