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Elite 5 is ready to shock our world once more!

Netflix has just announced that we won’t have to wait too long to watch the 5th season of Spanish teen drama Elite. In fact, the streaming platform will be releasing the new season on the 8th of April!

As for anticipations, Netflix let us know that we have to expect “No labels, nor rules”. Even though we don’t know very much about the plot of the new season yet, we know for sure we will have lots of scandals coming in, love triangles and some violence. As you will remember, at the end of the last season, Armando, an ex Las Encinas student held responsable for the aggresion of Ari, was murdered by Guzmán, who then decided to leave the city with Ander. Meanwhile, Cayetana, who got very close to Prince Philippe, forgave him after his sexual mistreatments against her, keeping their lovestory intact.

However, even if we lost two characters leaving Guzmán and Ander, we are gaining loads of new ones! Moreover, Netflix announced already that a 6th season is coming as well with even more characters and we can’t wait to know more about the scandals they will bring!


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