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“Eternals” premieres at Rome Film Festival

Closing the ten days of Rome Film Festival was the “Eternals” premiere on the 24th of October. The new Marvel Studios film is the third one in the Fourth Phase of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe and the 25th of their overall production.

It will bring on the screen an epic story crossing thousands of years with a new team of immortal superheroes forced to get out of the shadows to join humanity’s oldest enemy, the Deviants. Contrary to the Avengers, which are a group of already established superheroes ready to gather to save humanity, the “Eternals” created by Jack Kirby and the Marvel Universe in the middle of the 70s, can be labelled as the outsiders of this magical world.

This past weekend, the cast met the press at Rome Film Festival presenting it as the festival’s closing film. On the red carpet, many international stars cast on the film such as Angelina Jolie, Gemma Chan, Kit Harrington, and Richard Madden. Many were their comments about their characters, like Angelina Jolie’s who described hers as a girl with mental issues, a post-traumatic stress disorder; and she confirmed that what they tried to achieve was the idea of a film showing how it is possible to be strong and powerful thanks to the experiences made because of those problems.

The film is already out in the United States and will be hitting European theatres in November.


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