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Exclusive interview with Paul Schrader!

Onepress TV had a private interview with film director Paul Schrader during the Cannes Film Festival, where we had the opportunity to discuss his new film "Oh Canada." In this film, he managed to cast actors such as Richard Gere, Uma Thurman, and Michael Imperioli. Paul Schrader new film "Oh Canada"

We met Paul Schrader on the same day his new film "Oh Canada" was set to premiere in Cannes. Be sure to watch this interesting interview where he shares more about the new film and why he chose to make it.

What is the movie "Oh Canada" about?

Onepress TV watched the film that premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. Richard Gere plays an elderly man named Leonard who is nearing the end of his life. In this film, Leonard wants to record a documentary where he reveals the truth about his life, but he only wants to do it when the camera is rolling. Uma Thurman plays his wife, Emma, who is not very happy about this. Michael Imperioli plays the film director trying to make this documentary within the movie. We highly recommend you watch the film!

Picture: Uma Thurman and Richard Gere Credit: Onepress tv #ohcanada #paulschrader #regissör #richardgere #umathurman #micaelimperioli


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