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Francis Ford Coppola returns to Cannes

Updated: Apr 23

Legendary filmdirector Francis Ford Coppola is coming back to the Cannes film festival in 2024. This time with his new film “Megalopolis” who is set to premiere at the festival and compete for the Palme D’or.

“Megalopolis” has been in a brainchild for Coppola since 1979 while filming “Apocalypse Now” and has been under development since the early 80s. The production has been affected by delays and the project was ultimately stopped until 2019 when Coppola once again started working on the project.

The plot revolves around the aftermath of a catastrophic incident that ravages a metropolis reminiscent of New York City, already grappling with decay, the main character Caesar emerges as an impassioned idealist, driven by a vision to reconstruct the city into a sustainable utopia. However, standing in stark opposition to his noble aspirations is the corrupt mayor, Frank Cicero, whose ambitions lie in a different direction altogether. Caught amidst the clash of ideals and power are the mayor's daughter, Julia, a socialite weary of her privileged existence, who embarks on a personal quest to discover her true purpose in life. 

“Megalopolis” stars big Hollywood actors such as Adam Driver, Nathalie Emmanuel and Giancarlo Esposito.

Written by David Bjork


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