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Francis Ford Coppola, Sorrentino, George Lucas… what we know about the Cannes film festival so far

The program of the upcoming 77th Festival of Cannes, which will take place from Tuesday 14 May to Saturday 25 May 2024, has finally been announced.

This will be an unmissable edition because, during the final evening, the great George Lucas of Star Wars will receive the honorary Palme d'Or.

Furthermore, Greta Gerwig of Barbie will be the first American president of the jury for the main competition and the second youngest woman ever to receive the position (second only to Sophia Loren) and instead, the French actress Camille Cottin, will be the godmother of the festival, therefore leader of the opening and closing ceremonies.

The announced list includes multiple works that will be presented in several categories, including In Competition and Out of Competition (listed below) Special Screenings, Midnight Screenings, Uncertain Regard and Cannes Premiere.

The film that will have the honour of opening the festival is The Second Act (Le Deuxième Acte) by Quentin Dupieux, a surreal comedy divided into four acts and set on a film set.

Here are the titles that are competing for the Palme d'Or, therefore scheduled in the "In competition" category:

“The Apprentice” by Ali Abbasi

“Motel Destino” by Karim Aïnouz

“Bird” by Andrea Arnold

“Emilia Perez” by Jacques Audiard

“Anora” by Sean Baker

“Megalopolis” by Francis Ford Coppola

“The Shrouds” by David Cronenberg

“The Substance” by Coralie Fargeat

“Grand Tour” by Miguel Gomes

“Marcello Mio” by Christophe Honoré

“Feng Liu Yi Dai” (Caught by the Tides) by Jia Zhang-Ke

“All We Imagine as Light” by Payal Kapadia

“Kinds of Kindness” by Yórgos Lánthimos

“L’Amour Ouf” by Gilles Lellouche

“Diamant Brut” (Wild Diamond) by Agathe Riedinger, her first film

“Oh Canada” by Paul Schrader

“Limonov – The Ballad” by Kirill Serebrennikov

“Parthenope” by Paolo Sorrentino

“Pigen Med Nålen” (The Girl with the Needle) by Magnus von Horn

Regarding the films that will be presented out of competition, these are works that offer the public the opportunity to see works by renowned directors without the pressure of competition.

“She She's Got No Name” by Chan Peter Ho-Sun

“Horizon, An American Saga” by one of Hollywood's greats: Kevin Costner

“Rumours” by Evan Johnson, Galen Johnson and Guy Maddin

“Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga” by the great overseas director George Miller

Among the celebrity guests who will be present are Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth, to represent Furiosa, Léa Seydoux and Luis Garrel, members of the prestigious cast of the opening film, Adam Driver and Aubrey Plaza on behalf of Francis Ford Coppola and other huge stars like Viggo Mortensten and Vincent Cassel, Zoe Saldaña and Selena Gomez, Emma Stone and the rest of the cast of Lanthimos' new film... well, so on and so forth!

We definitely can't wait to see them on the red carpet but even more so on the big screen... what film is most anticipated for you?

Written by Olga Raimondo


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