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George Clooney's new directorial effort in “The Tender Bar”!

The famous actor has been proving himself as a great director for a while, with “Suburbicon” (2017) and “The Midnight Sky” (2020) being his most recent projects.

Now Clooney has a new movie on the way: “The Tender Bar” is based on the autobiography of famous writer J.R. Moehringer; it tells the story of Moehringer's uncle, Charlie (played by Ben Affleck), who owns a bar and is a central figure in the life of the young J.R. (played by Tye Sheridan).

The movie is screen-played by William Monahan (“The Departed”, “The Gambler”), and includes in the cast Lily Rabe as J.R.'s mother Dorothy, Max Martini as J.R.'s absent father, and Christopher Lloyd as J.R. grandfather.

“The Tender Bar” will be released in selected theaters on December 22, and then in streaming on Amazon Prime Video on January 7, 2022.


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