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Gomorra 5: the time has come to say goodbye!

The time has come for us to say goodbye, for today is the release day of the final season of the iconic Italian TV series ‘Gomorra’. The last chapter of the epic criminal series based on Roberto Saviano’s bestseller will be available to watch on NOW TV from the 19th of November, releasing two episodes a week.

The cast, directors and producers of the masterpiece spent the last week promoting the series through several interviews where they had the chance to tell us everything about this journey that lasted 8 years and 5 seasons. According to Cattleya’s CEO Riccardo Tozzi “if Italy has such a position within the panorama of international television seriousness we owe it to Gomorra” since it is undeniable the impact that this show had on the audiences and markets all over the world. It is obvious that there is a before and after ‘Gomorra’ because it was able to redefine the rules of TV shows making.

This final season will tell the showdown between Genny Savastano and Ciro Di Marzio, the two main characters and the only two left from the original cast at the very beginning of the show. At the end of the fourth season, we left Genny locked up in a bunker being the most wanted man in Naples. While he is still trying to end what is left of the Levante’s family, he learns a shocking truth: Ciro di Marzio is alive. At this point, the episode goes back to ‘The Immortal’ film’s finale where we saw Genny and Ciro together once again. Rivals yes, but still brothers, tied together by a deep feeling, a code of honour much stronger than friendship. When asked about this particular bromance, Salvatore Esposito said: “The relationship between Genny and Ciro to me is an actual love story. They are like two lovers that do not bear to stay apart. And in this season 5 the dynamics between them will be based on what they do not tell each other and on what they will do.”

Needless to say that with all these premises we can only expect a terrific series finale and we can’t wait to watch it all, can we?


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