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‘Gomorra’ final season is about to hit your TV

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

What started as an Italian TV series based on Roberto Saviano’s homonymous novel, turned into a worldwide phenomenon. ‘Gomorra’ will stream its very last season on the 19th of November in Italy and will then be streamed everywhere else in Europe and the US in the following days.

Season 4 ended in May 2019 and, since then, fans have been longing for its next season, to find out what will happen to Genny Savastano, his family and enemies. The series started in 2014 on Sky and it immediately became huge in Italy but it did not take long for it to conquer foreign countries too.

Since the very first trailers were released, it was clear that the series is aiming at an epic showdown. As a matter of fact, after what happened in 2019’s film ‘The Immortal’ (SPOILERS ARE COMING SO IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED IT ALREADY, GO AND THEN FINISH THE ARTICLE!), explaining the return of Ciro di Marzio, fans were left with some blanks to fill because they left Genny hiding as a fugitive in a bunker at the end of Season 4 to find him free at the end of the film.

What happened in the meantime? What does the return of Ciro Di Marzio represent? Is there a war coming?

To answer these questions we can only do one thing… sit back, watch and enjoy the finale of an epic story!


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