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“Grey's Anatomy” season 18 brings back familiar faces!

The new season of Shonda Rhimes immortal TV series will welcome back to the Grey-Sloan Memorial familiar names!

Alongside the already announced presence of Kate Walsh as Dr. Addison Montgomery, the ABC's series brings back Abigail Spencer.

The actress will reprise the role of Dr. Megan Hunt: after went missing during the Iraq War for a decade, Dr. Owen Hunt's younger sister had been freed from captivity and returned to Seattle at the end of season 14. Over the course of season 15, we see Megan Hunt reconnecting with the people of her past life: the last time we see her character, Megan had happily moved to Los Angeles with her fiancée Dr. Nathan Riggs (played by Martin Henderson) and her adopted son Farouk.

To see what dramas the new season weaves, “Grey's Anatomy” Season 18 premieres Thursday, September 30, on ABC.


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