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"Halloween Kills" Dolby Poster Exposure

The highly anticipated sequel to the horror film "Halloween kills" has recently released a brand new Dolby poster and a behind-the-scenes special. On the poster, the nightmare of the film is holding a giant dagger and returns in the horror of splashing fire. In the behind-the-scenes special, many of the film’s main creators have told their stories about their relationship with the film.The entire behind-the-scenes special does not show many stories about the filming, but from the perspective of cultural heritage, it analyzes why this horror film will last forever.

Judging from the materials, "Halloween Kills" will unreservedly and unrestrainedly show the film's fear element and splatter blood. In the film, the heroine decides to take up arms and fight for her life.Unlike the panic back then, she came prepared this time. In terms of actors, all the actors from the previous game will return in full. According to the plan, the film's release time will be October 15th 2021.


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