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Halo, one of the biggest video game franchises of all time is finally finding its way to the screen!

In 2001 a tv-game called Halo was released to the gaming console Xbox. This was if not the first one of the first video games that helped Xbox turn into a superpower within the video game industry. A video game that has now also turned into a tv-series.

Since it´s release it has been one of the most popular gaming franchises up till today while also launching Xbox into a superpower console together with Playstation and Nintendo. Until today there are 16 Halo-games released and has sold almost 100 million copies in total. The original Halo-trilogy centres around an interstellar war between humans and another race called The Covenant while the other games take different turns involving the human race. The television-series takes us right to the beginning of a 26th-century war between The United Nations Space Command and The Covenant, an alliance between several more advanced alien races.

Halo premieres on Paramount 24th of March 2022.


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