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Harry Styles as Elvis?

Austin Butler gave us an iconic performance as The King Elvis Presley in his latest biopic Elvis. However, things have not always been as we see them now: Baz Luhrmann has just shared one of the actors that were considered to play the role of the 60s rock star. One of them has become an internet scandal cause is the one and only Harry Styles.

The singer/songwriter has made quite a big step in the acting world with roles in blockbusters such as Dunkirk and the latest Olivia Wilde movie Don’t worry darling. So taking into consideration his presence in the movie wouldn’t be such an absurd step: actually, a 60s king of pop and rock, played by a contemporary poster child of pop would have been quite spectacular.

Too much spectacular, according to Luhrmann. The director admitted his fear that Styles, a huge icon around the world, could actually overwhelm the role of Elvis: “Harry is a really talented actor. I would work on something with him [but] the real issue with Harry is, he’s Harry Styles,” Luhrmann said. “He’s already an icon. Harry and I came to a place, genuinely I mean, he was just desperate to put the suit on and explore. He’s such a great spirit and I have nothing but great things to say about Harry Styles.”

Austin Butler did a great job and was ultimately the perfect cast for the role. However, we cannot help but wonder how Harry Styles with the 60s suit could have shaken the world.


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