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‘Hawkeye’ debuts on Disney +

The brand new Marvel Studios Series ‘Hawkeye’ debuts today on Disney + with its first 2 episodes and it will be releasing the other 4 once a week. Given the success of the whole Avengers story, every single superhero had its own film, and only poor Clint Barton had been left behind, that is why it has been given his well deserved series. Also, we can agree on the fact that it would have been a huge pity not to look further into his story.

During a press conference with the executive producer, the actors, the director of the first two episodes and Marvel Studios’ boss Kevin Feige, they presented the whole series without spoiling a single detail about the plot nor the enemies Hawkeye will be facing.

The only thing that can be said is that the series is set after what happens in ‘Avengers: Endgame’ starting in a moment of peace, a happy scenario. In fact, Jeremy Renner, who plays the superhero, said that the story begins with his character ready to leave for the Christmas holidays with his family when the news announced that someone with his bow and arrow was spotted wearing his old Ronin costume. At this point, Burton decides to dig deeper into this situation and sends his family on, promising to join them in time for Christmas. We only know that this new mysterious character is a girl and co-protagonist.

You can check the trailer here: <>

Who is she? What’s her role? And her story? I guess we’ll have to watch ‘Hawkeye’ to find out!

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