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HBO new series will see Benedict Cumberbatch as the protagonist

Oscar nominee Benedict Cumberbatch just signed a contract with HBO for a short series that will tell the story of Alexander Litvinenko, the KGB secret agent who was found poisoned in 2006.

Despite the fact that the project is still in its working stages, the writer is David Scarpa (The Man in the High Castle) who, based on the novel ‘The Terminal Spy’ written by the Oscar winner Bryan Fogel (Icarus), will tell this mysterious story. The show will retrace the facts leading to KGB’s agent death, who after enlisting in the Soviet Army was recruited by the Russian Secret Services. He openly accused his superiors of being the mastermind behind the assassination of the billionaire Boris Abramovi. After dangerously exposing some other shady affairs of the Russian Government, he was found dead in London in 2006 in unclear circumstances.

Cumberbatch will also contribute as an executive producer. There are not still any predictions about a possible release date, but one thing is sure… the whole world cannot wait to watch it.


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